Magnificent South India Temples

When it involves south Asian country temples, the state of Tamil Nadu dominates with its several ancient, lofty Dravidian masterpieces, several with brilliantly painted sculptures on their gopuram (towers). These temples, that show a number of India’s greatest temple design, area unit the backbone of Tamil culture. Here are 9 places to seek out brilliant south Asian country temples. Several of those places have quite simply the one temple, thus do look around!


Extremely fashionable pilgrims, the temple of Lord Venkateshwar (Lord Vishnu) is set higher than Tirupati within the southern a part of Andhra Pradesh, instead of in Tamil Nadu. People who area unit ready will walk the 4000 steps up the Hill to the temple that takes 2 to four hours. Otherwise, it’s easier to travel by bus. The temple is one among the foremost visited and wealthiest in Asian country, as are often seen by its gold plated dome. It has been patronized by all the assorted rulers and kings over the years. In recent times, movie industry stars Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai prayed at temple once their wedding in 2007. However, there is variety of challenges once visiting Tirupati Temple, creating it best visited by serious pilgrims solely.

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Tiruchirappalli (Trichy)

Tiruchirappalli, or Trichy as it’s informally referred to as, is home to the biggest temple in Asian country – the Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, dedicated to a reclining kind of Lord Vishnu. This temple occupies a mammoth space of 156 acres and has 21 gopuram (towers). The most towers, that are seventy three meters high, are that the second tallest temple tower in Asia. Also, do not miss the Rock Fort Temple, engineered by the Nayaks of Madurai in spectacular vogue on a rocky outcrop eighty three meters (237 feet) higher than the town. As is to be expected, it affords a bird’s eye view. If you get tired walking up the 437 rock cut steps to the Rock Fort Temple, stop at Thayumanaswamy Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva on the manner. Do visit the Vinayaka Temple dedicated to Lord Ganapati at the highest as well!

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Arunachaleswar Temple sits at the bottom of holy Mount Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai. It’s another massive temple advanced, with 9 towers and 3 inner courtyards, and Lord Shiva is worshiped there because the component of fireside. Pilgrims flock to the city each phase of the moon, to steer round the mountain. Various shrines and sadhus (Hindu holy men) and might be found on the trail. Once a year, throughout the Karthikai Deepam competition on the complete moon between November and December, an enormous hearth is lit on high of the mountain and blazes for days. This holy city incorporates a sturdy religious energy concerning it, particularly a number of the meditation caves which will be found in varied spots up the mountain.

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Chidambaram is off the holidaymaker path and folks principally head there to go to its Nataraj Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva playacting the cosmic dance. This ancient temple is kind of uncommon as a result of it follows religious text rituals, set by the sage Patanjali, in contrast to alternative Shiva temples in Tamil Nadu whose agamicrituals area unit supported Sanskritic language scriptures. The religious text rituals area unit focused aflame, and yagna (fire sacrifice) is performed each morning as a part of the puja within the Kanaka Sabha (Golden Hall). Non-Hindus will see it. Get there around eight.00 a.m. The temple clergymen, referred to as Podu Dikshitars, were aforementioned to be brought from the abode of Lord Shiva by Patanjali himself!

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