Adventure in Chikmagalur

Overwhelming places to visit at Chikmaglur:

Mulyangiri: You’ll be able to trek from base of the mount to mulyangiri peak or besides you can go by motor vehicle to the peak of the mount. This is an excellent place to visit. If you drive the motor vehicle, you’re supposed to be very cautious since the small path and fog while mountaineering the hill.

Hebbe Falls: This is the must to see region at Chikmaglur. This is one of the striking usual falls.
You can get to hebbe falls from kemangunde. To kemangunde, you can go by way of Badra jungle and also by way of Lingdanahalli. Road by way of Badra jungle was most horrible. You can go via Lingdanahalli. You can’t go straightforwardly to hebbe falls on your motor vehicle. At around 11km away from hebbe falls, you ought to park your motor vehicle and go by jeep, since there is no path there. The jeeps will get you on rock and later than attainment the field of hebbe falls, you have to to cross three river canals on foot. Later than you will be able to see the attractive hebbe falls.

Kudremukh: This will be similar to mulyangiri, although it has a vast mount range, prosperous in green. But, this is 100km away from Chikmaglur. If you are setting up for Shimoga, you can choose this place.

Homestays: There are many homestays located available here for travelers and tourist convenient. There are affordable and worth paying for the stay. Here is the list of Homestay in Chikmagalur located. Devigiri Homestay, Shivekaa Homestay, Lotus Pond Homestay and many others.

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